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311 Reviews
M23***74The scenery is not bad, but mainly should be rafting, tickets are not expensive. I was very happy, but a farmer outside the scenic spot is called Yuxi Mountain Villa. Cooking is super bad, dumpling soup is not hot, mushroom fried meat is fat meat and skin, the boss's attitude is not very good, it is not recommended to go to this home to eat.
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Ancient Settlement
小瘦子家家啊[Scenic] Very characteristic pit yard, usually not many people, here to see it specially, overall is OK, not recommended to come here to play, it is recommended to come back at the festival, so popular, the store is open, usually few people shop basically do not open.
439 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
老白's location is very inaccurate, it is not a place at all. This special need to be pointed out. Then I called the scenic spot and told the location. The person who went to the door for the first time is absolutely not convinced that it is the gate of the scenic spot. My picture is. There is no instruction from Hanguguan at all. The whole scenic spot is over-exploited. The main thrust is false. The place where Laozi worked is worth learning Taoist culture, I hope that there will be more interactive content in this area. Worth praise. The place of culture. The last finished downstairs, there are places to learn, about the history of Hanguguan. 100 yuan for the tour guide, it is recommended, it is said very well.
482 Reviews
睡恣@M丶Swan Lake Wetland Park is a key project of Sanmenxia Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to create the most livable city and strengthen the protection and development of the Yellow River Wetland National Nature Reserve. The core scenic areas of the park include white swan ornamental area, shanzhou park and along the yellow ecological forest.
272 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
娴雅小溪Sanmenxia Dam: Located in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, the dam was built in April 1957 and the main dam was basically completed in 1961. This is the first large-scale water conservancy project built by New China on the Yellow River, known as the first dam of the Wanli Yellow River.
92 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
点子1980Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a lot of people. Living in the nearby resort Zhongzhou Huading Hotel, it is very convenient to go to hot springs. The overall environment is good, the service is also in place, special thanks to the waiter in the hot spring area, Ms. Wang Xia, the child is not careful with the knee bruises, Ms. Wang Xia is patient and timely to help the child deal with the wound, and send the popcorn comfort, really warm heart!

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Yellow Emperor MausoleumSanmenxia,China

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Guo State MuseumSanmenxia,China

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Yuzhou Dikeng CourtyardSanmenxia,China

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Yawu Mountain National ParkSanmenxia,China

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Grand Canyon in Western HenanSanmenxia,China

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Shuanglong Scenic BaySanmenxia,China

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About Sanmenxia

Sanmenxia is situated in western Henan province. It is regarded one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization and is home to a number of historical attractions including Neolithic remains from the Yangshao era, Hangu Pass (mentioned in the classic text Tao Te Ching written by the Chinese philosopher Laozi) and Baolun Temple Pagoda, one of just four echo-producing structures in China. There are also several natural attractions including the Yellow River, Yawu Mountain and Sanmenxia Dam.

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28 Oct, 2021 Sanmenxia Weather: Cloudy, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 55%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:52/17:46
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