10 Foodie Destinations to Visit

30 May, 2022


  • Food Destination 1: Rome
  • Food Destination 2: Paris
  • Foodie Destination 3: Munich
  • Foodie Destination 4: London
  • Foodie Destination 5: Athens
  • Foodie Destination 6: New Orleans
  • Foodie Destination 7: Barcelona
  • Foodie Destination 8: Singapore
  • Foodie Destination 9: Marrakech
  • Foodie Destination 10: Istanbul
A delicious slice of cake

Food festivals, street food, restaurants - eating well is an integral part of any good travel adventure. So, we at Trip.com thought - "why not highlight 10 of our favourite food destinations for all your gastronomic needs?" And then we wrote about it.

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive - but we think we've picked some gems. Here are 10 places to eat around the world that we are confident you're going to love…

Food Destination 1: Rome

The first destination, and an absolute must for any foodie recommendation list. Rome is absolutely heaving with incredible restaurants, hosting some of Italy's (and by definition, the world's) best national cuisine. It goes without saying that pizza and pasta will be sampled here.

Food festivals in Rome include (brilliantly) an artichoke festival in Ladispoli in April, the Roman Cuisine Festival in October. For winter travellers, be sure to visit Piazza Navona for Christmas delights.

You'll be looking for a place to stay in Rome during your foodie visit. Dharma Luxury Hotel is the perfect 4-star destination for those looking to indulge beyond the food and wine. Alternatively, for a cosy yet more wallet-friendly alternative, check out the Hotel Sweet Home Rome.

Food Destination 2: Paris

Some classic French food in front of the Eiffel Tower

The second destination, and an absolute must for any foodie recommendation list… ok ok, we're repeating ourselves. But really, if you're writing about food, the French capital is surely as obligatory as a mention of escargots and vino. When you think of food destinations, you'll inevitably think of Paris.

While the restaurant scene is well-known - there are well over 100 eateries that boast at least 1 Michelin star - there are naturally an array of food festivals in Paris too. Taste of Paris happens during springtime, while autumn sees the sweet-toothed flock to Salon du Chocolat - the world's largest chocolate festival…

So where to stay in Paris? Let's stick with the food theme and recommend the beautiful 4-star Hotel Chateaubriand Paris, with its central location particularly popular. Alternatively, check out the 3-star Relais du Pre Hotel Paris, close to Gare du Nord and highly regarded by Trip.com users.

Foodie Destination 3: Munich

Pretzels are everywhere in Munich

The Bavarian capital is home to all manner of delicious sausages, bread, and beer. And what could be better than that? You can scarcely walk 5 minutes without being inundated with options for Weißwürste (white veal sausage), Spaetzle (egg noodle side dish), and Obazda (a flavoursome cheese-mix spread).

Food festivals in Munich include Frühlingsfest (Springfest) in the, erm, spring, and eat&style München - boasting all manner of Bavarian foodie delights - later in the year.

Are you thinking of where to stay in Munich? Try Cocoon Stachus or the Mercure München City Center.

Foodie Destination 4: London

High tea in London

British food has historically not been acclaimed - but the British capital has rightly been established as a foodie haven, due to the sheer variety of deliciousness on offer. From the bustling Borough Market to Michelin-starred restaurants to small authentic multinational street food vendors, all your tastebud's requirements can be found in London.

Food festivals in London are numerous, but the truly massive munch-fest is Taste of London, taking place in June at the lovely Regent's Park. Let's hope for good weather…

Coming from afar? You'll need rest and relaxation. Pullman London St Pancras is close to the aforementioned park and eponymous train station, while The Ned - located in the heart of London's ancient city - is always highly regarded and noted for its luxury.

Foodie Destination 5: Athens

The ancient Greek city is home to much of the country's finest dishes - moussaka, saganaki and souvlaki are abundant in Athens. And be sure to bring checked luggage so you can return home with some famous Greek olive oil.

If it's a food festival in Athens you're after, then look no further than the appropriately named Athens Street Food Festival, taking place throughout May this year. Global food treats to accompany your Greek holiday? Sounds good to us. But even if you miss it, there will be more than enough restaurants and vendors to cater to your foodie needs.

Foodie Destination 6: New Orleans

New Orleans is arguably the foodiest (we believe that is a word) city in the USA, and you could wander around the gorgeous Louisiana streets for hours nibbling away at po-boys, crawfish, gumbo, and sugary beignets.

A true gastronomic haven, every day can be a party in NoLa - and there are numerous food festivals in New Orleans to sync up to your visit.

Foodie Destination 7: Barcelona

Think of all those delicious tapas nibbles that you love - there's a huge chance that their birthplace is Barcelona. Paella, croquetas, jamon and patatas bravas are the order of the day in the Catalan capital, and that alone should be more than enough to convince you to visit the city.

Food festivals in Barcelona are common across the metropolitan area, but we also recommend any of the numerous food markets in Barcelona too - the Palo Alto Market takes place monthly. Alternatively, the Mercat de la Boqueria - recognised as one of the world's best - is open every day apart from Sunday.

Looking for places to stay in Barcelona? The Hotel Market (we picked that name deliberately) is a 3-star venue loved for its central location, while if apartments are more your preference, check out the Sensation Sagrada Familia Barcelona, which is a 2-minute walk away from the world-famous cathedral.

Foodie Destination 8: Singapore

An array of Singaporean cuisine

The city state in Asia is a well-known hub for its multicultural society and its highly advanced economy - but it has a fantastic food scene, too. The melting pot of nationalities and cultures emphasis means a wealth of gastronomical options, and the discerning eater will not be disappointed by what Singapore has to offer. Meat eaters, be sure to sample the Hainanese chicken rice.

Singapore Food Festival is the obvious shout-out for a - excuse the SEO here - food festival in Singapore to visit, and it's the first in a few years due to the pandemic, taking place in July 2022.

You'll need flights and accommodation, and of course we have you covered - click here to see our list of hotels in Singapore, and then be sure to click here for cheap flights to Singapore.

Foodie Destination 9: Marrakech

A variety of Moroccan food

Marrakech should be visited at least once - its vibrancy and culture truly make it a wonder. Yes, there are more than just foodie reasons to head to the Moroccan city. Some of the best breads and tagines you could ever wish to sample are to be experienced here, while for the adventurous, snail soup is highly regarded…

Food markets in Marrakech are abundant, so don't plan your trip around a specific timeframe - just get on a plane, find your hotel and wander around one of the world's great foodie cities.

Foodie Destination 10: Istanbul

Baklava is a must-have in Turkey

The crossroads of 2 continents, the biggest city in Europe by population, and home to several World Heritage Sites - Istanbul is an absolute must for the discerning traveller. And the food? Every bit as wonderful as you might expect.

Abundant with historic seafood restaurants and the more recent explosion of middle eastern cuisine, Istanbul is a true foodie haven. Be sure to sample a balik ekmek Turkish fish sandwich upon your travels…


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