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B&B Hotel Milano Ornato
4.1/5148 Reviews

B&B Hotel Milano Ornato

Niguarda Milan|6.08km from city centre

Latest booking 18 hrs ago

This place definitely has its pro’s and con’s and it depends what sacrifices you are willing to make for price. Looking at other reviews I thought I wouldn’t mind it as I’m not too fussy usually but overall I felt uncomfortable and didn’t really want to stay any longer than I had to: Pro’s -Good cheap price -Whilst further out, it’s super convenient for public transport right outside the hotel only 2 euro to get into Milan only takes 30 mins tops -The man on reception was lovely and very helpful -Rooms are big and whilst very dated and nothing to shout home about if you’re used to budget travelling they aren’t filthy or falling apart -Nice big shower room -Fast, free Wi-Fi and slippers and towels Cons -We felt the area at times was slightly scary (although we did first arrive at night) some concerning characters/gangs in surrounding areas and appeared to be in the hotel as well. It’s a pretty rundown area and we didn’t feel very comfortable there -The walls - I’ve never known anything quite like it to be honest it was so so loud I could hear absolutely everything the entire time. Babies crying, doors shutting, people talking/shouting, playing music, stomps up the hallway - constantly and late into the night waking us up. This all added to the sense of un-ease as it didn’t seem like you were on your own and I couldn’t relax in the room and just wanted to leave. -We were also in an outhouse which wouldn’t usually be a problem but felt so exposed as it was that it just added to the feeling Despite all the positives we couldn’t look past these negatives and I really wouldn’t recommend regardless of price.

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Babila Hostel & Bistrot
4.1/556 Reviews
Porta Vittoria
I stated here in a private room for 4 nights in November 2021. The private rooms are on the third floor next to the kitchen and living room area and therefore you can expect to hear noise from these places even late at night. Also the lift didn’t work when I was there. The room itself was basic but clean. The bathroom was nice with a decent shower. You do not get room service or fresh towels etc. Breakfast was included in the room price and this was fine. There is a small bar and entertainment some nights but I did not bother with it. The staff were helpful and friendly and lots of good public transport options close by. You can also walk to a lot of the main tourist attractions from here. The Duomo is about a 15 minute walk.
Hotel San Guido
4.1/553 Reviews
Stazione Garibaldi
We both liked this hotel. Italian hotels can be variable and hotel near stations especially so. However the San Guido was fine. We received a friendly welcome from the person on reception and were pleasantly surprised by our room, which was quite spacious, with a separate hall and a large bathroom. The furniture and fittings were charmingly old fashioned. My wife was particularly taken with the light fittings on the landing. A tram line runs in front of the hotel and you could hear the trams rumbling by but it wasn’t loud enough to be disturbing. Breakfast was included and it was fine. We had a problem finding the hotel when walking from the nearby station. Google recommended leaving by a side door and walking through a car park. However, even if we could have found that exit, it didn’t seem a wise route to choose in the dark. We left by the main entrance and it took a while for Siri to figure out our best route to the hotel. The good news is we found a row of nearby restaurants where we later ate dinner.
Klima Hotel Milano Fiere
3.7/548 Reviews
The Klima hotel is absolutely lovely. The service was wonderful, all of the staff were polite and friendly and we got a”Bonjourno!”or a “Ciao!” every time we passed. The room was spacious and the bed was huge! The shower was powerful and everywhere very clean. The location is within an industrial estate but the bus stop is a 5 minute walk, the tram stop is a 10 min walk, and the local train station is a 15 minutes walk, with a Milano card, this was great. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay.
The Couper Sant'Andrea
3.7/532 Reviews
City Centre
NZIONE,PESSIMA IGIENE E PESSIMA PROFESSIONALITÀ. DISAGI INCLUSI NEL COSTO DELLA CAMERA. abbiamo prenotato in questo hotel tramite Booking una delle loro suites (portacle suites) a circa 160€ a notte (anziché 250 circa) per via di offerte da mobile e privilegi genius (premessa noiosa ma necessaria). Pernottamento previsto due notti. ORE 12:00 Arrivati in struttura la camera presenta sc**** condizioni di igiene: polvere sui quadri, su specchio, televisore, battiscopa, infissi, lampade ecc.. pavimento in laminato rigonfiato e distaccato con sottostante materassino di posa assorbi Zella a vista… INIZIAMO MALE. ALLEGO FOTO DEL TUTTO Chiediamo una sostituzione della camera (la sola pulizia non avrebbe risolto il problema del pavimento) e ci dicono che sono al completo in tutte le strutture e che saremo contattati da un responsabile quanto prima. Lasciamo i bagagli in camera in attesa e usciamo per un appuntamento di lavoro. ORE 15:00 veniamo contattati da DANIEL (un responsabile pare) che tira fuori dal cilindro due camere alternative, ci invia le foto di una delle due, chiediamo le foto dell’altra e ci dice che la prima è stata affittata nel frattempo. È MAGO DI SEGRATE! Accettiamo la seconda camera in via bagutta (in un uno stabile diverso daquello in cui avevamo prenotato e in cui erano i nostri bagagli) e ci diamo appuntamento li con Daniel. ORE 17;30 incontriamo Daniel nella nuova struttura. Ci accoglie dicendoci che la camera in cui avevamo prenotato aveva avuto un allagamento e che secondo lui (presunto responsabile) quella camera che ci è stata affittata, non andrebbe affittata..CONTINUIAMO MALISSIMO. La camera sostitutiva presenta comunque polvere sugli armadi e sulle porte, ma decidiamo,amareggiati, di soprassedere e restare. A questo punto DANIEL ci sorprende: la camera alternativa è solo per una notte.. per la notte successiva si vede costretto a spostarci in un terzo stabile. ANDIAMO SEMPRE PEGGIO. Chiediamo se questo disagio può essere in qualche modo quantificato, e DANIEL con uno splendido sorriso ci dice che metterà lui la faccia con i responsabili (???) e che non ci sarà alcuna variazione di prezzo. DISAGIO OMAGGIO. Irritato chiedo a DANIEL IL RESPONSABILE (responsabile nella professione e nelle risposte) se gli pare corretto affittare camere in tale scarso stato di igiene a cifre così alte. La sua responsabile risposta è: “ma voi avete pagato 160 a notte, non 250!” INCREDIBILE .se non si paga il prezzo pieno pieno non si ha diritto alla pulizia? E noi che credevamo fosse un requisito necessario in una struttura ricettiva… Rifiutiamo l’offerta e chiediamo di essere indirizzati verso un’altra struttura. DANIEL IL RESPONSABILE , piuttosto irritato, ci indirizza in modo molto elegante verso la nostra prima stanza (quella nell’altro stabile e che non andrebbe affittata secondo lui) negandoci ogni altro tipo di supporto. ORE 18:30 torniamo nella prima camera chiudiamo i bagagli, esponiamo le nostre lamentele al servizio Booking ch
Imhome - Cadorna House
4/518 Reviews
City Centre
I’d give it a five if check in was easier. Room is spacious - it looks over the entrance of the metro station so there is some noise from trams, traffic and a nearby hospital. But the room itself is spacious, clean, plenty of hot water and the price was right. Check in was difficult, partly because my phone company had not given my phone international access as we’d requested a week earlier so i could not coordinate access with their agent and early check in is not available. If you are not jetlagged and have a working cell phone I’m sure check in is significantly easier. Also, a warning for anyone taking the express train from the airport - you have to validate your train ticket or a 12 euro train ride becomes a 62 euro trip with fines.
Amabilia Suites
4.5/520 Reviews
City Centre
very good choice, Magnificent room with a superb view of the Duomo. Comfortable, perfectly decorated, and equipped, it fulfills all the criteria for a stay full of magic ☺ We were in Milan at the beginning of May 22 and the welcome we received was friendly, courteous, clear and precise as we expected. Cleanliness, you can go there with your eyes closed (but that said between us would be a shame). We remain enchanted by the setting, we hope to return very soon. My eyes are still shining, thank you for this moment

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