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When compared to other cities in China, the history of Shenzhen is quite short. Shenzhen is a close neighbor of Hong Kong, so many people simply consider Shenzhen to be a transit destination, but there’s actually much more to the city. The center of Shenzhen is located in Futian District. It is located in the central part of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. In this area, tourists can visit the Deng Xiaoping Statue and Lianhuashan Park, which commemorates the reform and opening up of modern China. This area is also a great place to check out the skyline of the city.

Although it may be relatively new, the city’s theme parks, such as the Overseas Chinese Town show the diversity and inclusion of this first-tier city, which is very suitable for all types of tourists, including parents and children. Shenzhen is also very close to the sea, so it’s worth a visit for fans of the beach. Unlike the urban feeling of its downtown area, Shenzhen's seaside is a bit more casual. Visitors can swim, lay out on the beach, or enjoy some seafood.

Located in the Nanshan District to the west of the city center is the area where Shenzhen’s attractions are concentrated. There are large-scale theme parks and wildlife parks such as Happy Valley, Splendid China Folk Culture Village, and Window of the World. Dameisha and Xiaomeisha are located in Yantian District facing Dapeng Bay, while Dongchong and Xichong are located in Dapeng New District. Dapeng has always been a famous fishing town, and it is one of the only areas in Shenzhen that still maintains many customs from the past. Nanshan District, Futian District, Luohu District, and Yantian District, which are on the south side of the Shenzhen Central Line, are adjacent to Hong Kong and from them, visitors can easily reach the northern part of the New Territories.

There are many amusement parks in Shenzhen, which is undoubtedly a paradise for children and ideal for family travel. The East Overseas Chinese Town and Happy Valley are well-known large-scale theme parks, and can be regarded as must-see attractions in Shenzhen. Splendid China Folk Culture Village and Window of the World allow tourists to experience the culture of all the ethnic groups in China and check out recreations of famous monuments from around the world. There are many beaches in Shenzhen, and at Dameisha, Xiaomeisha, Nan'ao, and Xichong, visitors have the chance to see beautiful island scenery and relax by the ocean. The beach at Dameisha is free, which means that it naturally is a bit crowded. Xiaomeisha is often thought to have better scenery than Dameisha, but a fee is charged to those who visit, while the scenery at Xichong makes one feel as if they’re even closer to nature. Visitors can select the beach that fits their plans best.

Winter and early spring are the most suitable seasons to visit this cosmopolitan city which has a subtropical climate. However, because summer and autumn can be considered the rainy season, and from May to September, precipitation is frequent. From October to April, there is less rain. In the summer, visitors can go swimming, but walking on the beach is also a good choice.

There are many theme parks and beaches in Shenzhen and visitors who are vacationing in the area can choose between 2-3 theme parks plus a beach and some attractions in the city. With various hotels in Shenzhen for you to choose from, you’ll always be able to find something that suits your plans.

Day 1 - The Window of the World. Take line 1 of the metro and get off at Window of the World Station. Here, you will see miniature versions of famous monuments from around the world. It’s almost like traveling across the whole world all within one theme park. If you leave the park early and time permits, you can continue to take metro line 1 to the Grand Theater Station. From Exit D to Di Wang Tower, you can overlook Shenzhen and view Hong Kong from a distance.

Day 2 - Happy Valley. Spend the whole second day enjoying yourself at Shenzhen's famous Happy Valley, which is often quite crowded. It should be noted that it’s usually required to line up for each ride. For this reason, it’s a good idea to enter the valley early and visit as many attractions as you can before the crowds arrive. Well known rides in Happy Valley include: Space Shuttle, Mining Cars of the Gold Mining Town, Snow Mountain dragon, Perfect Storm, Super Splash and so on.

Day 3 - The Splendid Chinese Folk Culture Village - Dongmen Laojie Station. Head to the Splendid China Folk Culture Village in the morning, which consists of Splendid China and the Chinese Folk Culture Village. Two parks have been merged together and only one ticket is needed to visit both of them. It is recommended to visit the Splendid China in the morning and Folk Culture Village in the afternoon, because performances in Folk Culture Village are held in the afternoon.

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