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70 Reviews
Nature Reserve
滇国剑客The scenery in Pangquangou, many places show the rich characteristics of the peasants' customs, and give people who have been suppressed for too long in the city, providing a good place for leisure and tourism, and relaxing.
76 Reviews
M34***17We drove from Yangquan to play, the distance is relatively long, we got off the highway with the navigation area, and we still need to continue to drive on the sixty to seventy kilometers of mountain road, the road is relatively steep, one section is winding road, and there may be traffic jams, we are on the way back Just stuck in the middle of the mountain. Because there were a lot of carts pulling rocks in the middle of the way, it was particularly stolen and dusty. It really didn't look like a tourist attraction and it didn't feel good. After a few kilometers of the industrial zone, you will gradually enter the mountainous area. Don't think you are near your destination. In fact, there is still a long way. The road conditions are more dangerous. You must be careful when driving. Of course, the scenery in the mountains is still good, and there is a large reservoir on the way particularly spectacular. There are a lot of small rafts on the way, we didn’t play, our goal is the No. 1 rafting in North China, continue on the road, passing a large water world, but not too tight, not too many people, I don’t know if it’s good or not, we just stay for a while , Just keep going. After driving for a few kilometers, we came to the lower dock (that is, the end of the rafting). You can store your car here for 10 yuan per car, and then you need to take a local car to the source, 10 yuan per person. We drove to the source, and the parking cost was 10 yuan, but after the drifting, we still need to take a wet car up the mountain and find our own car to change clothes (return by shuttle bus does not cost money). Note that you must see the archway of the first drifting in North China when you drive (the picture is shown below). Next, let's talk about the strategy of playing. First of all, it is best to buy tickets online (guaranteed to be available), which is cheap. It’s best to bring sunscreen when you come; small plastic basin (aquatic offensive weapon), water is not practical, children can bring; waterproof bag, put mobile phone, car keys, etc.; underwater clothes and swimming caps (head must be fully wet, waterproof Cold), don’t think about it, you can have dry places all over your body. The rafting gate opens from 12:30 to 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It's better to be early because there are many people. It is interesting to attack each other. There are few people playing after 3 or 4 o'clock. It's boring. The weather in the canyon is also cold! The rafting is very happy. The journey is quite long. It will take more than two hours. If you stop for a while, it will take about three hours. There are many steep slopes on the way, which is more exciting. If you are not in a hurry, it is best to meet with the raft group. , You can fight a water battle midway. The only shortcoming is that there is no photo taken in the middle of the scenic area, and the river is not too clean, not the kind of clear bottom. The overall feeling is okay, the only shortcoming is that it is far away! ! ! Finally, I wish everyone safety and have fun! ! !
39 Reviews
哈哈岛张易之From the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Sui and Tang dynasties, Xuanzhong Temple was stationed in Xi’an as the three great masters of the Pure Land Sect of Chinese Buddhism. Following the Lushan Mountain Forest Temple, it is another ancestor of the Pure Land School of Chinese Buddhism. Take a car from Taiyuan southwest to Jiaocheng. Xuanzhong Temple is more than ten kilometers west of Jiaocheng County.
49 Reviews
Water Park
_CF***74It's exciting, haha, the water is also very clean, the entertainment facilities are super cool, we drove by ourselves, and four of us went together! Some facilities limit the weight, and those over 80kg cannot be played!
9 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客In the coal-producing land, such a hot spring, nature can be said to be this side of the water and soil love, of course, the water here is clearer, give consumers a better feeling.
20 Reviews
_We***17It's very good to play. There is no place to dry all over. It's called cold when it's raining heavily and ice. I think everyone still goes to play in July and August. Now the weather is still cold. Four Latin car tickets were also sent. Very good

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