Mao County
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Things To Do in Mao County

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滇国剑客The scenery of this place is really not said, very beautiful, every season comes to the oyster has different taste, and this kind of scenery color, also according to the individual aesthetic value and taste, will find new.
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Ancient Settlement
Cultural Experiencial Area
不见不念Feel the culture of the Dai, highly recommend, very worth it, the building is very special, the opening ceremony at 9 o'clock is spectacular, lucky to meet the local people to marry, there is a party at night, very lively, not a trip!
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_FB***78the view is awesome. ticket is a bit expensive. worth a visit. can spend 3-4 hours upthere.
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Outdoor skiing
小米0329There is accommodation on the mountain, but the accommodation is not very good. The only one is good and too expensive. Only live in Mao County, and it takes 1 hour to return to the mountain. 1 pair 1 coach is not cheap, but this money can not be saved. Fun, fun, cost-effective, overall awesome, good scenery, overall good, will come again
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Cultural Experiencial Area
玖玖蓝天儿Stay in this homestay in Liangqi Mountain Courtyard, in Pingtou Qiang Village! The service is very good, and the decoration of the house is also beautiful! In the early morning in Qiang Village, the air is fresh, but the weather is not so good! The flowers and plants are beautiful!
Nearby City
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Water Conservancy Project
Yoj DThe weather is cloudy. The irrigation scenery is amazing. We went there during holiday so it’s a bit crowded. I’m curious what’s the significance of the stone packed in a bamboo.