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Things To Do in Yixing

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Hussain ArifYixing is a beautiful and amazing location in Wuxi. I visited this place in 2019 and still remember the moments spent there. I want to visit again if get a chance.
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_CF***13Good. Good. Good. It's very very nice. So happy 's day. I'm so happy 's day,tanks to you. My family and friends we are happy 's. Tanks to you.tanks very much.
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盼盼兄Ten years did not come to Zhang Gongdong, the change is still quite big. Now the scenic area has expanded a lot, advanced Zhang Gongdong play, summer standing in the hole will see a big fog floating out of the hole, go in immediately to a dozen degrees, too sour. After coming out, if you buy a set of photos, you can go to experience the underground river adventure and rafting, are all skins, children can also play, very interesting!
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windsorWe went at noon, fortunately there is a place to eat near the attractions. The first stop is Muyu Cave, I feel that this cave is more interesting than Zhanggong Cave, you can enter the cave by boat with the ticket, of course, only a period, after disembarking, the cave is curved, under the light, the stalactites in the cave become colorful, and summer, Cool and comfortable. Out of the hole, we straight to the bamboo promenade, including glass path. In the bamboo forest, a high-level corridor, the whole bamboo paved road, listening to the sound of the sound, the mood also became happy. It is more people, otherwise taking pictures is very interesting. Bamboo-point promenade connects a section of glass path, although all glass, but not afraid at all, may not be high enough, and the reinforcement is firm, not panic, of course also old dare not go.
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小熊穷游"Shanjuan Cave is famous for its river-in-cavity and water-in-cavity Tongzhou-in-cavity, and the Tianzhan-in-cavity is famous for its mountain-in-cavity, its beautiful and rich, and its rich rock colors, and its tourists are admiring each other in competition." It is called "Linggu Tianfu" or "Senfu Shrine"
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sculptorThe Yixing Ceramics Museum in China is the first professional ceramic museum established in China. The former is the exhibition room of Yixing Ceramics Company and Yixing Ceramics Exhibition Hall in Jiangsu Province. It was founded by Shunhua, the first director, and has a history of nearly 50 years.