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Weather, the best time to travel:

Birmingham is popularly referred to as the second city of the United Kingdom. This is because it is the second-largest city in England as well as the UK. It lies 110 miles northwest of London and acts as the cultural, financial, commercial and social centre of the West and East Midlands. Recently, a high-speed rail system has been developed in the city and it will be hosting the 2022 Commonwealth games as well. The city has organized many such international sporting events in the past as well, in the famous Edgbaston Cricket Ground located here. Birmingham holds an interesting past, unique architecture, literary, music and gastronomy scenes. It has been ranked the 4th most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors. 

The city enjoys a temperate maritime climate which means cool summers and cool winters. There are rare cases of extreme temperatures. The average maximum temperature during the summer remains around 21.3°C, while in winter it is around 6.7°C. The city also sometimes witnesses snowfall. These suitable climatic conditions also make it a popular holiday destination. The ideal time to visit the city would be from March to May or from September to November. 

Airport/ nearby airport:

Birmingham houses the Birmingham International Airport which is located around 10 kilometres from the city centre. It has two terminals and is the seventh busiest airport in the UK in terms of passenger traffic. Loaded by world-class facilities, the Birmingham Airport is the major hub for Flybe, which is Europe’s biggest regional airline and largest base for Ryanair and TUI Airways as well. Getting to Birmingham from Birmingham Airport is made easy by the SkyRail. Board a train from the airport and it is just a matter of 10-15 minutes to reach the city centre. Around 6-7 trains run every hour from the airport. Other modes of transport available to reach the city centre include either buses or taxis. 


Birmingham City has an efficient public transport system for the convenience of its people as well as tourists. Following are the major modes of transportation available in the city:

  1. Train: There are eight local railway lines in the city which are connected to all major attractions. It is managed by West Midlands Railway for the West Midland. This is quite affordable and fastest way to travel around Birmingham.
  2. Buses & Trams: National Express West Midlands dominates the bus service in the city. However, there are 50 other private operators as well.  Rest assured the city is well connected using buses and you can find the bus timetable online easily.
  3. Taxis: The famous black taxis run in the city. They are the best option if you have heavy luggage or love your privacy.

How to get to the destination:

Birmingham International Airport is the seventh busiest airport in the UK and connects the city well to the entire world. The airport offers flights to amazing international destinations in the Middle East, India, North America, Europe and the Caribbean. There are various flights available for locations in the UK as well. 

Various airlines which operate regular flights from this airport include Air India, Blue Islands, EasyJet, Emirates, Enter Air, Air France, FlyEgypt, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines etc. Reaching this city will never be a problem just plan your holiday and try making bookings in advance!

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range:

Planning a holiday to Birmingham or maybe a short trip? There are so many interesting places to stay. There are chain hotels in Birmingham as well as quaint guesthouses to choose from. Following are the areas which will serve you the best:

 City-centre: This is the best and most sought after area to book Birmingham hotels. This is because you live close to the attractions, shopping areas, best restaurants and are well connected to the rest parts of the city. You will find all classes of hotels here, like the 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, flashpacker style and backpacker style as well. A 3-star Birmingham hotel in this area will charge you around 78€ to 94€ for a day. A 4-star hotel will charge somewhere between 105€ to 161€ for a day’s stay. To earn great Birmingham hotel deals, it is advised to book your stay in advance! Westside: Lying to the west of the city centre, this area is known for its nightlife. The clubs in this area are very famous and many celebrities come here to party. You can find decent hotels in this region with restaurants serving Indian and English food. Cheap hotels in Birmingham are mostly found here.

Birmingham Tourist Information:

Top tourist attraction in Birmingham:

Birmingham has played a major role in the UK’s industrial revolution and is now a rich city both in wealth as well as culture. The city has many canals passing through and can be compared to Amsterdam and Venice. Visitors are attracted to many Birmingham attractions each year. Following are our top picks in the city:

  1. Victoria Square & Birmingham City Centre: To experience some remarkable state of the art in this city you must visit this spot. Walk on the pedestrian-friendly Victoria square and look around for the magnificent Town Hall. Other marvellous architecture here is the Symphony Hall with a stunning auditorium which features performers and A-list singers regularly. You should also visit Council House and Chamberlain Square located nearby.
  2. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: The city holds a fascinating history and to know about it, this museum should be on your things to do in Birmingham list. It has a collection of works by prolific painters and artwork from the 17th to 19th centuries. You will also find 6000 wooden toys and other items made up of wood from the Pinto collection. Also, explore the Ikon Gallery inside.
  3. Cadbury World, Bournville: Welcoming lacs of visitors each year, this is a popular attraction among tourists. Learn how this business kick-started, know about the history of chocolate and manufacturing process through interactive exhibits here. Do try making your confectionary and shop at the largest Cadbury sweet shop in the world. 

Top food places in Birmingham:

Birmingham city is known for its diverse food culture. You can easily find a Michelin-starred restaurant to budgeted street food and restaurants in this city. The areas where you find good food in the city are:

  1. City-centre: You can relish and satiate your taste buds in this part of the city. It has a proper blend of fine-dining restaurants to cheap eats. Four Michelin starred restaurants are located in this part of the city. Also, you can find cuisines from all around the world here.
  2. Westside: For some delectable English and Indian food restaurants you should visit the Westside, lying on the west of city-centre.
  3. Broad Street: For a plethora of bars and nightclubs you should visit this part of the city. You will find delicious food here along with having an amazing time!

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