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Yangxin Zhengxing Hotel
3.9/521 Reviews
OK, convenient transportation, quiet
Changxin Business Hotel
4.6/516 Reviews
There is no hair dryer, maybe there is one outside. The towel feels a bit dirty and useless, and the other thing is that the shower gel that was used by the previous person has not been cleaned, which is a bit uncomfortable.
Xin Yegang Hotel
4.8/51 Reviews
The Changjiang River Scenic Belt
Travel accommodation, the hotel is clean and the service is good
Xiaofang Farm
4.7/52 Reviews
The room was very clean and the boss was very nice and welcoming
Daye Youyuan Hotel
4.8/545 Reviews
Very good trip. Will come again in the future. Come here often, the environment is comfortable and very warm. fine. It's great. Hahahaha, awesome.
4.7/511 Reviews
The room was very clean, the sleeping was very comfortable, the living room had a projection, and it felt the same as at home. Then life around is also very convenient, breakfast shops and supermarkets are available. Next time I have the opportunity to travel to Daye, I will consider this homestay. The boss is a young couple. He is very enthusiastic and can solve my problems in time. It is a very happy trip!

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