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Ibis Paris Gare du Nord Chateau-Landon 10EME
3.6/540 Reviews

Ibis Paris Gare du Nord Chateau-Landon 10EME

Paris|2.82km from city centre
I stayed in this hotel with my 6 year old daughter from the 24th of July til the 28th of July and I must say I did not have the best experience there. Firstly in my booking that I made with it said that the price included breakfast so I was shocked to hear that I had to pay for my daughter 4 days of breakfast on top. It said clearly breakfast was included.. If I book a room for both of us and the breakfast is included surely it is for both of us?? I sent several messages to get a refund but they never reply and before my trip I sent them emails about my trip but never got any replies. Also I found the staff extremely rude and unhelpful when I was asking for things when I was there, especially a black tall guy who was just rolling his eyes and staring even when I asked for an iron like it was a problem. When I asked for directions instead of actually explaining things to me I was just given a map, maybe as the English was not very good but I think hotel staff should speak sufficient English. Breakfast was good selection but once again the staff there hardly smiled always seemed rushed and pushing through the queues putting down their croissants, very rude. I been working 22 years as cabin crew so I know what good customer service is like. Also they put a transaction hold of £70 on my debit card that has not been refunded. Lastly I should have checked the location better but coming back late at night is not very safe at all, especially with a young daughter. Lots of dodgy people around.
Crowne Plaza Paris République, an IHG Hotel
4.4/555 Reviews

Crowne Plaza Paris République, an IHG Hotel

Paris|1.52km from city centre
We stayed six nights at this fairly spartan property that was fitted with basic room attributes including a small refrigerator, a hair dryer and a tiny safe. We requested a coffee maker and received a hot pot with instant coffee. Getting an iron in the room proved a bit of an ordeal. The room was clean and the beds were quite good. Hotel staff was uniformly convivial, accommodating and helpful with exception of an encounter with the night manager (more on that later). Only one low voltage outlet in the bathroom was provided that could power an electric razor. My daughter brought a dual-voltage curling iron and hair straightener that could not be used in the bathroom due to lack of an electrical outlet. Staff ultimately provided an extension cord to be strung from the nightstand, and over the bed that my daughter was able to use to reach a wall mirror in the bedroom. We had the misfortune to be at the property during the annual Pride celebration at Place de la Republique directly in front of the hotel. My wife has mobility issues and we had to push through hundreds of drunken celebrants to get to the only entrance to the hotel. Scary stuff getting pushed along by a mob where my wife could have fallen and been trampled. I understand the Pride celebration is a public event but its a scheduled event that the hotel could have alerted clients to and made provisions to have opened a guarded entrance on the backside of the building away from the inebriated mob. With an early morning departure to the airport, I went to the desk the night before to check out so we could leave quickly the following morning. The front desk clerk advised that the hotel had my card on file and my e-mail address so they would send me the bill thereafter with nothing additionally to be done the next morning - just drop the key and run. As we were leaving early the next morning the night manager told me that I couldn't leave because I hadn't settled my bill. He inferred I was skipping out without paying the bill. I recounted the discussion I had the previous night and he repeated firmly that the bill needed to be closed out before we could leave. It was an uncomfortable encounter that was unnecessary. Somebody needs training here and its not the client. In summary, I'd say this property lacked many expected elements for the price point and as such could only describe it as providing moderate value. The lack of provisions to accommodate client access during the Pride celebration and the check-out snafu made it seem that they were somehow new to the game.

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Pullman Paris Centre - Bercy
4.5/5107 Reviews

Pullman Paris Centre - Bercy

Paris|3.79km from city centre
Location: Wonderful, it's next to Barcy Village, a shopping area, with many restaurants, cinemas and stores. Along with a park and the metro station, within a 2 min walk from the hotel. There is a Metro supermarket along with a Carrefour there too. On a map it seems a little far from the centre of Paris, but its a lovely walk along the river and a lesieryly walk took us into the heart of Paris within 1 hour walk, or just take a 10 min taxi ride or a 10 min subway ride. Location is great. If you go into the centre of Paris then you probably looking at small 11-18sqM rooms, don't do this, travel out a little bit and get a room that you can relax in. Room Good size, modern, clean. Big TV, fridge, desk etc... Some bad things now, the AC did not seem powerful enough to keep the room cold, it kept the room cool, but not cold. Also, there were no plug sockets near the bed for charging phones, so bring a really long charging cable Bed is comfortable and the big windows provided a nice open feeling (note, the windows do not open though) Fast Wifi too. Bathroom: Big, clean, modern. Good water pressure, a big mirror with good lighting but it did steam up - but not a big deal. Has a bathtub and shower combined. Breakfast / Food Buffet-style breakfast with patties, eggs, bread, yoghurt, cheeses, tea, and coffee - all pretty standard for most European hotels that offer breakfast. Cannot say I was amazed by it but was not disappointed either - normal. We did have dinner at the hotel which was lovely. Beautiful salad and pasta. No complaints here. Facilities It's like a modern art gallery. Has giant sculptures everywhere, table football, ping pong tables, a hairdresser/barber, a cinema room, a BBQ area, a pool, spa, gym... it's a lot for a hotel to have. It's almost too much but it's lovely to have and if you are spending a long time in the Hotel then there are many things you can do - but we were here only for a few days so did not try out everything. But much better to have than not. Gym Some free weights, a yoga studio area, a punching bag, callisthenics bars - it's all pretty good. Set in the basement of the hotel and accessible only by 1 of the 4 elevators they have is annoying, but again, Pullman offers a lot of facilities Pullman is a wonderful hotel which offers large rooms and is a plus in a city like Paris. Everything is clean and modern with only the AC power being below average. I cannot say Pullman is the cheapest hotel, next door there is an IBIS but we wanted a larger room - I would book Pullman again, especially if they have a good price. For a short stay it is good because of the location and for a long stay its good because of the room size and facilities.

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Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Hotel Antin Trinité
3.6/552 Reviews

Hotel Antin Trinité

Paris|0.08km from Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
My friend booked this hotel for our business trip in Paris for 6 nights. The price was reasonable due to location wise although the room is very small. The customer service is what i would like to mention here.. Ibrahim was a night shift receptionist who was quite unprofessional and rude the way he dealt with complaints. The third night of our stay, we came back to the hotel around 9 pm and collected the keycard with him. During that moment we informed him that the wifi in our room was not working on our phones. What he responded was “that is your problem not my problem”. My friends even showed him that it really didn’t work. He once again said “it’s your phone problem, not the hotel”. After getting back to our room with disappointing service, I found out that the warm water in the bathroom didn’t work. So my friend went down to ask him for help again since I was already undressed. She came up with a shocking respons from Ibrahim again. She said “excuse me, the warm water in our room is not working.” He said “yes yes it’s not working” and pointed to the announcement on the lobby counter, telling her to read “FRENCH” announcement about the disruption of warm water without moving himself from his chair or look at my friend’s face instead being on his phone. So we needed to take a cold shower at night in autumn. Waking up in the morning knowing that the warm water wasn’t working was already annoying, there was a cockroach walking in our bathroom. That made our morning even more disgusting. I, in the next morning, delivered my complaint to a morning shift named “Penelope” who was very very helpful. She listened to me and tried to explain that the water disruption was from the road construction not from the hotel. I told her that was understandable but the way Ibrahim dealt with our complaints was not the right way and the fact that the hotel is located in central area of Paris, you should put the announcement in “ENGLISH” and “FRENCH” and beyond that he should inform us when we collected the keycard that the warm water was not working until 10.00 am next day” Penelope was also surprised what I told her how inappropriate her colleague was. Penelope also helped me directly with the wifi connection by calling the technical team and asked them to remotely fix my problem with my phone (which is also strange) but she was doing her job. Doing business in hospitality industry, SERVICE is the core. Strangely enough, I read so many negative reviews of this hotel, but seeing no responses from management team at all. So I don’t really know what do they care for and what do they want to provide. If any of you is reading this review and looking for a place to stay in Paris, try other hotels. There are way more hotels where they are the same price range but definitely better customer service. I personally was working in hotel for a long time, this is not the proper customer service you should get when you pay almost 300€ per night. My 2 star
Prince Albert Opera
3.3/511 Reviews

Prince Albert Opera

Paris|0.1km from Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
In general, I still highly recommend this hotel... First in Paris... Don't want bicycles at this price, okay? In all fairness, I think this hotel is worth the price Location: Very convenient, backed by Galeries Lafayette, 5 minutes walk from the Paris Opera, 20 minutes walk from the Louvre, 40 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower, you will pass the Arc de Triomphe on the road, and you can also visit the Champs Elysees... in short... location Super convenient, we happened to be on strike when we went, it is very convenient to walk to various attractions Facilities: Although the mahjong is small and well-equipped, we have booked double and triple rooms with independent bathrooms, and the toilets are clean and smell-free!!! This is very important. There are hair dryers in the toilets, and all the basic equipment. The heating is very hot...I don't know how to adjust it 😂 too hot. The front desk was very welcoming and sent us our luggage for free. I stayed for one night and left the luggage twice...Six boxes were stored for us...Breakfast was good. Anyway, those who are used to Western breakfast shouldn’t have any problems. Simple milk, cereal, toast, croissant and fruit The only fly in the ointment is that the front desk made a mistake in the order... keep telling me that I did not pay and asked me to give cash... But I paid online on Ctrip, and it took him a long time to check before telling me that it was all right... I suggest you keep your eyes open!

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Hotel Kyriad Paris 10 Canal Saint Martin
3.7/553 Reviews
The room is not too big, but it basically has everything you need, and the overall is not bad. The front desk was very patient and great. The location is relatively quiet, and there are a lot of basic supermarkets and stores nearby.
Hotel Flor Rivoli
3.7/561 Reviews
Super station three-way hotel! There is a station entrance right in front of the hotel, so the access is very good. It's a little noisy, but it's warm and the bed is fluffy, so I went to sleep. The rooms are a bit soft, but the bathroom was very clean and I was completely satisfied with the newly renovated ㅎㅎ unlike the up sumnail, the sheets are very clean, so you don't have to hesitate. The only downside is that the elevator is too small to carry a big carrier and it's hard to ride? It was a little small but it was good to be able to see YouTube because it was a Samsung smart TV
La Clef Champs-Élysées Paris by The Crest Collection
4.5/544 Reviews
Beautifully designed hotel, they made good use of the space and in the rooms the finishings are super high end. Pillow was great one night and then the next I swear they changed my pillow. Room service is VERY SLOW - they will tell you they are coming but they do not. Staff are generally ok - one very typically rude person at reception, rolled her eyes a few times and was quite unhelpful Had a room without breakfast (Pauls and Laduree are up the road so there is no need to have it in the hotel) You can find street parking easily if needed. We had a kitchenette in our room - which was super useful It's a brilliant location for Champs Elysee shopping and for the George V metro line which takes you into the more central parts. There is no lobby / lounge as such so its worth getting a room where you can relax a bit. We had a deluxe room on the 1st floor
Hotel Royal Mansart
3.7/582 Reviews
I stayed here with my sister during our holiday in Paris and I can say I was very happy with the choice made! Two-step structure from Moulin Rouge and its metro, 10 minutes walk from MontMartre , a spacious area, open mainly at night, a starbucks in front of the metro stop, then brewery, poke, hamburger, locals for all tastes + a large supermarket (also exactly at the out of the metro). Reception h24 - a little date structure, small stairs and a little uncomfortable but essential room, small, a small closet and a mirror, but for the location and price, for two girls is super recommended! I never had the feeling of being in a bad area, at the evening of a full-fledged, but quiet, and not new, but also here, for the price it is fully presentable and useable. The only sin (which was not a problem for us) is that at night it is not a quiet area, just not having light sleep problems and nothing to revert. The phone and telecommand of the TV are to be requested at the reception. As far as we are concerned, super recommended!
Hotel Panache
4.3/555 Reviews
The breakfast was ok, affordable, good quality. The room has a sense of design, but I really want the hotel staff to be very enthusiastic. When I change hotels, they also help me send my luggage to another hotel.
Hotel 33 Marbeuf
4.1/546 Reviews
Excellent hotel! Location and rooms are just great! Very nice idea and concept and the host was very helpful! Many nice restaurants and shops around … for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Metro is very near and many nice shops are just a few steps away.

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New and popular hotels in Paris recommended by There are many discounted hotels on You can stay 3-5 days at hotels in Paris without running out of things to do. Located in France, Paris is a well-known and vibrant city.

For those traveling for business and tourism, Charles de Gaulle Airport (Roissy Airport) is the preferred choice when visiting Paris. It's easy to reach Paris. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

There are 2283 hotels in Paris on, including luxury, boutique, and budget hotels. As a popular tourist city, Paris has many renowned chain hotels. Ramada is the most popular brand among tourists. Those who favor Ramada can choose a hotel under its name. Ibis Paris Tour Eiffel is one of the most popular hotels in Paris. Many tourists also stay at Ibis Paris CDG Airport.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Paris, such as Le Marais, Notre Dame Cathedral. For short trips in Paris, Palais des Congres de Paris, Stade Roland Garros, Disneyland Paris are all good options. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Palais Garnier, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower. Commercial areas like Val d'Europe, Le Bon Marche, La Vallee Village are ideal places to buy souvenirs.

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