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Weather and the best time to travel to Edinburgh:

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It is the second-most populous city of Scotland and is among the 20 most populated cities of the United Kingdom. The city has an overall population of about a million as of 2018, and the total area of the capital city is about 102 miles squared. Edinburgh is the hub of Scotland culturally, diplomatically, educationally, and financially. The city includes its former villages and towns from the 19th century after expanding and retains its true old character in many aspects. The New Town and Old Town areas of Edinburgh are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The climate of Edinburgh is very similar to the rest of the country. The region experiences a maritime, temperate climate that is mild in comparison to other places (like Moscow) which lie on the same latitudinal level. This temperate nature is due to the moderating effect due to Edinburgh’s proximity to the sea. The city is situated in between coast and hills and is often referred to as “the windy city”. Winter temperatures of Edinburgh cannot be called freezing, but yes winters can get a bit cold there. Talking about summers, the days are not very hot or scorching, rather they are mildly warm.

Airport / nearby airport:

Edinburgh Airport (EDI) is one of the busiest Scottish airports. The airport has got one passenger terminal and operates on one runway. It is located in the city’s Ingliston area some 8 miles away from the city centre. The road distance from the airport to the city can be covered in about 20 minutes. There are many options for getting to Edinburgh from Edinburgh Airport. One can make this journey via taxis, buses, trains, or trams. The Airlink (Lothian 100) bus or the Skylink (Lothian 200, 300, 400) are some buses that run to and from the city. The journey by these buses takes about 35 minutes and costs about 4 £. Taxis generally charge 20 £ to get to the city from the airport. There is also the option of trams which take about 35 minutes to get to the city. The fare of trams from the airport to the city is about 6 £.


The city of Edinburgh has an excellent network system of public transport. The most common forms of commuting used by people are the trams and buses of the city. Apart from this, the city folk very often prefer to cycle to their destination. There are dedicated cycle paths in the city. The main bus operators of Edinburgh and the regions around it are First Edinburgh Buses and Lothian Buses. For a day, unlimited travel costs 4 £ and that rate is the cap of what these buses can charge in a day. One can also use taxis to commute in the city. The black taxis in Edinburgh are a sort of popular phenomenon. They can be hailed on streets, hired physically from stands, or booked on phones too. Apart from these black taxis, there are also private cabs that can be hired to move in and around Edinburgh city comfortably. 

How to get to the destination:

Edinburgh Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. It is easy to get a flight to Edinburgh from almost any part of the world. However, as logic dictates, most long-duration flights from across the world to Edinburgh, will not be direct flights. They will have one or two transit stops in between. Airlines like KLM Royal Dutch, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Finn Air, Air France, Lufthansa, Delta Air, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Norwegian are some of the major international carriers that fly from the rest of the world to Edinburgh. Within Europe, most flights to Edinburgh are cheap and short distance. A particular tactic that can be employed in order to squeeze in a good travel deal is to use a combination of techniques. This means that one can fly to any of the major airports in Europe and from there on, choose a cheap flight to Edinburgh rather easily.         

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range: 

  • There are a lot of budget-friendly cheap hotels in Edinburgh available for about 20 £.
  • 3-4 star Edinburgh hotels are available for about 100 £.
  • Upscale 5-star hotels in Edinburgh with great facilities like deluxe suites are available at rates around 300 £.
  • The neighbourhoods like Old Town and New Town of Edinburgh are some of the most beautiful and convenient places around for visitors to stay. Moreover, these places have great Edinburgh hotel deals. 

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Edinburgh Tourist Information:

Top tourist attractions in Edinburgh:

Edinburgh is a beautiful and magnificent place that is the centre of Scottish arts and culture. There are a lot of great things to do in Edinburgh. 

  • The Princes Street of Edinburgh is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city. This one-mile stretch is very popular among city folk and tourists as it has got vibrant shops, elegant gardens, cafes, and fountains among others. 
  • The National Museum of Scotland is among the best places in Edinburgh to get a peek into Scottish culture through multiple collections, artefacts, and displays. The place has got about 16 galleries with over 8000 artefacts on the shelves.
  •  Edinburgh Castle is definitely the most prominent of all Edinburgh attractions. Situated on a hill, this majestic castle is very popular among tourists. The powerful stone walls of this fortress have stood tall for centuries now. 

Top food places in Edinburgh:

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is way above what one might think in terms of its food experience. The following are some of the popular places where one can grab a delicious bite to explore this city through its food.

  • The restaurant Chop-Chop is one of the best places that serve amazing Chinese food. This place is known around the city to have tastiest dumplings which always leave the eater wanting for more. 
  • For a wholly different experience, one can visit the restaurant Wings in Edinburgh. The name gives it off; this place is known to serve wings of different kinds in a subtle setting. The walls are decorated with stuff depicting cool references from pop culture.
  • L’Alba D’Oro is a small place which is popular for its chips and cheese, and for its deep-fried pizza. Locals and visitors have always enjoyed a bite from this place which is what makes it popular.  

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