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Espace Bernier - centre culturel de Waterloo

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Le 1815
3.9/522 Reviews
This is the first-choice place to stay if you are intending to visit the sites of the 1815 campaign. The location is right on the battlefield: the Memorial Museum, Hougomont, Mont St Jean, La Haie Sainte are all in easy walking distance. Waterloo village and Wellington's HQ museum are a few minutes drive towards Brussels and Le Caillou is a few minutes drive south. The staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful and the rooms are clean and comfortable. The cost of breakfast is additional but there is cereal, bacon and eggs, croissants, rolls, cheese, cold meat etc. After four visits I would not go anywhere else.
Le Côté Vert
4.5/555 Reviews
The hotel is quiet and harmonious for this quality hotel. The hotel is warm and the service is careful and careful. Breakfast is generous and varied and can be taken in the garden according to the weather. The rooms are very comfortable and the green desk in which the hotel is nicked is actually a very pleasant stop in the heart of Waterloo. A very nice place for a short stay or much more (we haven't had the opportunity to discover the restaurant yet!).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most popular hotels in Waterloo?

    Waterloo has many popular hotels. Whether you're travelling for business or going on holiday, Van der Valk Waterloo, Le 1815 and Ibis Brussels Waterloo are preferred hotels.

  • How much is the average rate for hotels in Waterloo?

    For hotels in Waterloo, the average price on weekdays is £163, the average price on weekends (Friday–Saturday) is £164.

  • Which hotels in Waterloo provide high-quality breakfasts?

    Van der Valk Waterloo,Le Côté Vert and Ibis Brussels Waterloo provide high-quality breakfast. Start your day with delicious breakfast!

  • Which hotels in Waterloo provide fitness facilities?

    Van der Valk Waterloo and Le Côté Vert provide fitness facilities. Satisfy your fitness needs even while travelling!

  • Which hotels in Waterloo have swimming pools?

    Van der Valk Waterloo and Le Côté Vert are hotels with swimming pools. Stay at any of these hotels to enjoy a swimming pool!

  • Which hotels in Waterloo provide free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're travelling on business or going on holiday, Internet connection is an essential condition for travel. Van der Valk Waterloo, Le 1815 and Ibis Brussels Waterloo are popular hotels with free Wi-Fi.

  • Which hotels in Waterloo provide airport transfer services?

    Not familiar with Waterloo? Van der Valk Waterloo, Le 1815 and Ibis Brussels Waterloo provide airport transfer services.

  • Which hotels in Waterloo are worth visiting for their spa experience?

    Feel tired from travelling? Van der Valk Waterloo provides highly rated spa services.

  • Which hotel promotions are there in Waterloo? provides various promotions and discounts for users all year round. You can check the promotions page to see what promotions are available on

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Highest Price£332
Lowest Price£58
Number of Reviews216
Number of Hotels34
Average Price (Weekdays)£163
Average Price (Weekends)£164