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Weather & the best time to travel Rome: 

Rome being one of the most iconic cities of the world, is filled with breathtaking monuments and antique buildings. With a glorious history of over three thousand years, the city of Rome has greatly influenced in shaping the world through its culture and discoveries. This mesmerizing city is home to hundreds of churches and cathedrals, each portraying the towering legacy of the region. It is also a World Heritage City, a title awarded by UNESCO for Rome’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Rome is also home to the world’s smallest country in the world, the Vatican City, within its territory. This rare phenomenon of a country within a city is only observed here. The city boasts of hosting several extravagant events and meetings of international prominence, such as the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean and the 1960 Summer Olympics. The city houses the headquarters and head offices of several international and national agencies of the United Nations, banks and companies. Rome lies off the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Lazio region of Italy. It generally experiences a typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry summers and humid winters. Rome is one of the most tempting all-year-around tourist destinations in the world. It attracts millions of tourists every year and is one of the most visited places in the world especially between April to June and September to October end.

 Airport / nearby airport:

The city is served by three major airports:  Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Rome Ciampino Airport and Roma-Urbe Airport. Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is the main international airport serving the city and the country. Spread over an area of about 16 square kilometres, this is one of the busiest airports in Europe serving up to fifty million passengers every year. Roma-Urbe Airport is predominantly dedicated for small scale civilian aircraft movements. You can reach the airport by road and rail. Getting to Rome from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is facilitated by efficient public transportation services. There is an abundant number of taxis and bus shuttle services plying between the two destinations. Moreover, one can also use the taxis and buses to reach the nearby railway or metro station if you wish to have a faster commute to your places of interest.


This heritage city receives a tremendous amount of visitors from almost every continent on this planet. The city is also an important industrial, economical, political and technological hub of the country. As a result, a well structured and planned transportation system in the city is crucial for the sustenance of the city’s growing tourism and business industry. Rome’s transportation consists of taxis, buses, metro, and tram and rail network. Of all these, the train and bus services are the most preferred mode of commute for many travellers. These transport networks are characterized by several routes and designated stations that are well-marked with signage, enabling people to commute all around the city with minimum hassle.

How to get to the destination:

The Leonardo da Vinci International Airport serves a major hub for two international airline operators:  Alitalia and Vueling. Ciampino International Airport serves as the secondary international airport of the city. It is approximately 12 kilometres from the city centre. The airport is mainly used for civilian, commercial and military purposes. Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and Ciampino International Airport are the two main airports handling international and domestic flights to the city. Some of the airline operators offering flights to Rome are Alitalia, Aegean Airlines, Buenos Aires, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines and Turkish Airlines. These airlines offer numerous flight services to destinations such as Bucharest, Budapest, Madrid, Athens, Beijing, Paris, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Zurich and Moscow.

Hotels info, prices of different hotel range:

You can book your desired hotels in Rome based on the pricing and your budget. Book Rome hotels in such a way that it is relatively closer to tourist destinations you wish to visit, so as to save precious time during travel.

1. 5-star hotels: Rocco Forte Hotel de Russie and Singer Palace Hotel are some of the luxurious hotels in Rome offering excellent hospitality and services. They usually charge around 570-650 GBP 

2. 4-star hotels:  Hotel Diana Roof Garden and Argentina Residenza Style Hotel are some of the top hotels in Rome. By availing exciting Rome hotel deals one can book these expensive hotels for a cheap price. They usually charge 90-120 GBP.

3. 3-star hotels: Hotel Sonya and Hotel Colosseum are some of the Rome hotels which offer a decent blend of comfort and luxury at affordable prices. They typically charge around 45-55 GBP.

4. 2-star hotels: If you intend to save money on accommodation then, Hotel Acropoli and Hotel Demetra Capitolina are some of the cheap hotels in Rome, with prices around 25-40 GBP.

Rome Tourist Information:

Top tourist attractions in Rome:

Attractions in Rome are so numerous that one single vacation trip to this enchanting destination will not suffice:

  1. Colosseum: This monument remains the undisputed number one tourist destination of Rome. This grand amphitheatre was built for hosting theatrical performances, festivals, games and other cultural activities.
  2. St. Peter’s Basilica: Another major tourist attraction in Rome, this century-old church is the epicentre of the Catholic world and attracts thousands of tourists every year.
  3. Pantheon: With over two thousand years of legacy, this circular temple is one of the best-preserved Roman buildings. The dome of the building is itself a mesmerizing engineering feat, highlighting the advancements of the Roman Empire.

Top food places in Rome:

Though there are plenty of things to do in Rome, trying out the endemic cuisine of the region always occupies a special place in your memories.

  1. Roman Carbonara: One of the top pasta dishes of the city, this Roman classic is crafted out of eggs, cheese, pork topped with sauce and cream. Head to Trattoria Da Enzo to try out this delicacy.
  2. Bucatini Amatriciana: This is one of the most famous foods of Italian cuisine and is a tasty turmoil of soft spaghetti and cheesy cream. Try it out at any of the many hotels like Pierluigi, Armando or Metamorfosi.
  3. Suppli: A casual tea time snack of Rome, suppli is made of rice, meat, tomato sauce, and cheese. All these ingredients are mixed together and deep-fried. Try suppli at the Trastevere deli.

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