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慢雨Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou tourist area is very good, although the area developed here is not big, but there are 3 tour routes, there are many maritime and land tour projects, young people come here to enjoy romance and travel pleasure. The island has complete tourist facilities, convenient food and accommodation, and convenient transportation. Especially the climate is comparable to Hawaii, is a good place for vacation and leisure. Xiachuan Island is located in Jiangmen, Shandong Port has many passenger boats every day, tickets can buy the Xiachuan Island package or can be purchased separately.
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City Park
M47***41The second time, each time there is a new experience. The most famous Qin may be the wedding photography base, but compared with the artificial landscape, I love the island around the plank and the various strange stones along the way, really have to admire nature's ghost axe magic! Then you will understand why it is called "geopark". Standing at the top of the table is such a wonderful experience, the large flat top, the sea breeze, blowing your hair and clothes, but the drizzle does not feel a little cold, but produced a "sitting in the world" happy!
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希望旅游Shangchuan Island is very close to the mainland, it takes about 30 minutes by boat. There are agricultural fields and fish ponds in the island. The area is very large and the environment is very good. You can live for one night in the fishing village of the pier. You can fly to the beach for one night. Two kinds of experiences and two kinds of customs.
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猪头天天1. The scenery is good 2. Leisure play, it is best to come out in two days. I know how to find VIP channel 4. Seafood, or go to the big store. As long as you don't mess up, the price is really, really don't lie to you, what husband and wife small shops are pits, pay attention to don't mess up the spot, a minimum 3-5jin. 1000 a fish will still be. 5. Renting a car can be negotiated, and a certain price will be negotiated. 6. The place to live is a distance from the beach, not far away. Inside traffic free battery car 7. Go up the mountain and go out to sea what no one island, you nine don't torment. In short. Hey. .
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109***00Langqin Bay Weijiao Village, there are not many people during the Qingming holiday, the beach is in the village, there are many homestays in the village, you can change your slippers and go to the sea after you stay. The sand is black, the rare black beach is very interesting. There are many big stalls in the village, it is very convenient to eat, and the price is also fair!
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Hot Springs Resort
韩馨芳丹The traffic is not very convenient, you have to travel or join the group. We are self-driving tours, and we arrived successfully according to the navigation. We went in late June, cost-effective and not many people. There are no restaurants or farmhouses nearby, but the resort is equipped with a Chinese restaurant. The taste is OK and the price is not expensive. The double room is also more comfortable, please see the picture. There are not many people in the hot spring area, and those rides are playing casually. Every pool is basically soaked once, haha, but some pools are not open. Come back next time

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Shenzao Hot SpringJiangmen,China

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Heisha Bay Public BeachJiangmen,China

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Meijia CourtyardJiangmen,China

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Naqing Peninsula Geological Ocean ParkJiangmen,China

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Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou Tourist AreaJiangmen,China

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Chuandao Tourist ResortJiangmen,China

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About Taishan

Taishan is located in Guangdong's Jiangmen. The area is best known for its ocean islands, hot springs, river drifting, as well as being one of the hometowns of overseas Chinese. Ocean islands include Xiachuan Island, Shangchuan Island and Naqin Peninsula. Hot springs include Kangqiao Hot Springs, Fudu Hot Springs and Xiyunlai Hot Springs. River drifting locations include Beifeng Mountain National Park and Fenghuangxia Scenic Area. Gangning Village and Meijia Town are two places where many Overseas Chinese emigrated from. A visit to Taishan should definitely include these scenic spots

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Taishan
17 Oct, 2021 Taishan Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 62%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:26/18:03
Taishan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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