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Things To Do in Shanghai

191,774 Reviews
_GG***38I had an amazing experience! This is a perfect place to come let your inner child out🤩. We got to enjoy Disney characters show during the day. My highlight was definitely the evening light show,it was nothing short of magical! There are numerous restaurants and snacks vendors inside.
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Observation Deck
Modern Architecture
HoooooIt was a great opportunity to visit there. went there around 4pm and stayed there at 7:30. It was beautiful view from the tower but very crowded when I was heading to an elevator.
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_We***23One of the most amazing wildlife ibteractive experiences I've ever had. The place is very clean, habitats are beautiful, a wide variety of species and animals are well looked after. Animals shows and circus performance was also great.
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Tammy&JAmazing place where you can see different kinds of sea creatures. They have sharks even it is very expensive to keep sharks in the aquariums. The most interesting for me were Jellyfishes! I recommend you to go and see this amazing nature products.
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Science & Technology Museum
mzzyartsI decided to go here with my two year old. The lines weren't as bad as I'd expect, however, the museum is very packed by the displays and interactive activities. If I wasn't with my son, I'd just leave. It is too loud and crowded for me, but he loved every minute. It was also nice for a hot weather activity! Seems pretty awesome if it wasn't so busy though. If you need a bit of peace and quiet, and a bathroom that isn't ridiculously packed, just go up above the first floor. :)
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Historical Architecture
City | ​​landmark
Isa27The Bund is without a doubt a must in Shanghai ! Enjoy a nice walk with a breathtaking view! The view at night is gorgeous with at the lights but I also think it’s worth going during the day as well👌