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Weather, the best time to travel:

The Danish capital of Copenhagen lies between the islands of Amager and Zealand with a link to Malmo in Sweden over the Bridge Öresund. The historic city centre or Indre By is beautiful and has many attractions. Since it has short workdays, healthy cycling and walking cultures, and a strong economy, it is known to be the World's Happy Place. Copenhagen hotel deals are seasonal and depend on the things to do in Copenhagen on your wish list. Copenhagen summers range from the cool and mild to high 60 degrees Fahrenheit. An umbrella serves you well in July-August when the Baltic Sea cool winds blow. In autumn, Copenhagen can get chilly by September-November and temperatures can drop needing warm coats and thick clothing. Winters are freezing cold and Christmas time a peak tourist season for Copenhagen hotel deals. Between March and May, it isn’t warm and it could rain. This season sees less of Copenhagen hotel deals, tourists, better hotel rates, rain showers and the reopening of the Tivoli Gardens. The best time slots and Copenhagen hotel deals are then between March and May and again from June to August when the best of events and things to do in Copenhagen are available.

Airport / nearby airport: 

Kastrup’s Copenhagen Airport, IATA: CPH, ICAO: EKCH is one of the oldest European airports and serves as the main international airport for the many cheap hotels in Copenhagen, the Zealand, Oresund and Swedish Scania regions. It is the largest Nordic airport, the third busiest European airport, has great Copenhagen hotel deals and is the busiest airport in Scandinavia. There are about 169 flights every week and 455 direct flights from London to Copenhagen with the cheapest price being between17 to 27£. London in the UK is popular since it has five airports with the Heathrow and Gatwick Airports being most popular on the route. 


The best modes of travel in Copenhagen are to walk, use a bike, or get into the public modern systems like the bus, subway, or the extensive train network. You also get taxis which can be the most expensive way to travel. Overall when you need to cover your list of things to do in Copenhagen the system is efficient and inexpensive. The easy to use Copenhagen Card is acceptable for bus, train and metro services and provides access to over free entry to attractions and over 80 museums. You can also pay by cash, online, or per journey through tickets at the mechanized counters after getting to Copenhagen from London Airport. Taxis are the most expensive and cost 250 DKK to cover the 7 km to downtown Copenhagen. The cheapest public transport is the 5A bus route which costs 36 DKK and takes 35 minutes.

How to get to the destination: 

The CPH-Copenhagen airport to city centre journey takes 15 minutes to reach by train or metro and is a mere 7 km away from the best Copenhagen hotel deals in the city centre. Flights to Copenhagen are cheapest in August and you get many cheap hotels in Copenhagen. The flight distance of 955 km takes approximately1h 45m. Do note that there is a 1 hour time difference between the airports. The average flight time to cover the aerial 596 miles is 1h45m for the short hop flight. Popular operators have an average price of £106 and are British Airways, American Airlines, Ryan Air, SAS and Norwegian Air International Ltd. Importantly note that there is a 1 hour time difference present between the airports.

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range:

If you wish to catch up on Copenhagen hotel deals and sightseeing, then the best Copenhagen hotels to be in would be near Copenhagen Old Town. You will then be in Copenhagen hotels close to the public square named Kongens Nytorv surrounded by Copenhagen attractions, cobblestone alleys, cheap hotels in Copenhagen, old buildings, and grand statues and other famed Copenhagen attractions and a few of the oldest Copenhagen hotels. Steal a Copenhagen hotels deal near the Copenhagen attractions in the modest areas of the Meatpacking District and the modern Vesterbro area. You can avail Copenhagen hotel deals and prepay or pay at the Copenhagen hotels. 

  • The 5-star hotels in Copenhagen cost between £122 to 589 at the Skt Petri, Design Hotel’s Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, Nimb Hotel or the Copenhagen Marriot.
  • A luxurious 4-star like the First Hotel Kong Fredrik or the Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen and such hotels in Copenhagen could cost between £61 to 101 in modest Copenhagen hotel deals. 
  • The 3-star hotels in Copenhagen range like the Comfort Hotel Vesterbro or Grand Hotel are priced between £45 to 76 with great Copenhagen hotel deals.
  • The 2-star hotels in Copenhagen like the Saga Hotel, Nebo Hotel or Hotel Loeven or cheap hotels in Copenhagen cost between £44 and 95 and are the best in Copenhagen hotel deals.

Copenhagen Tourist Information: 

Top tourist attractions in Copenhagen:

If you love the summer festivals like the food and cooking festival, the fashion week, Roskilde Festival, or the Yuletide festivities, then be an early bird and book your Copenhagen hotel deals well ahead as Copenhagen the Danish capital is a large city with great cheap hotels in Copenhagen. Some of the interesting things to do in Copenhagen are a visit to the Parliament or the Folketing and exploring the café culture. Iconic Hotel Noma takes bookings a year ahead! Among the best attractions to see on getting to Copenhagen from London Airport are the

Christiansborg and Amalienborg Palaces

National Museum 

The Statens Museum for Kunst or National Gallery 

The Rundetårn or Round Tower

Kastellet and the Little Mermaid

The oldest Bakken Amusement Park

Freetown Christiania

Copenhagen Zoo

3 Top tourist attractions in Copenhagen:

Among the best in attractions here are the 

Tivoli Gardens

Nyhavn Harbor

Strøget Shopping Mile

Top food places in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has plenty of bakeries and most cheap hotels in Copenhagen offering the Danish staple Smørrebrød with various toppings. Also on the list of the local food and things to do in Copenhagen are tasting pork Aebleflæsk, Stegt flæsk med persillesovs og kartoffler, Hønsekødssuppe, Rød Pølse, Krebinetter, Medisterpølse, Rugbrød and the favourite Frikadeller.

Among the best places to eat after getting to Copenhagen from London Airport are 

  • The many hotdogs and takeaway pizza stands
  • Sunset Boulevard 
  • Buffet at Dalle Valle
  • Fiskafeen and Fisketorvet Fish Market Mall
  • Samos

3 Top food places in Copenhagen:

This happy place in the world has the best of gastronomic experiences when you book Copenhagen hotels like the

  • Hotel Noma
  • Geranium
  • Schonemann

Dress warm and be prepared to enjoy the hospitality of fluent English speaking Danes in Copenhagen with

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