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Things To Do in Selangor

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玩童无界行者无疆Malaysia's "sky mirror", not far from the capital Kuala Lumpur, whether sunny and cloudy, the tide is very spectacular, beautiful, you can catch all kinds of living conch, walking in the mirror like the tide of the sea as flat, a little unreal feeling.
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享受生活的每一天The National Zoo of Malaysia is also a popular local attraction. I personally think that the area of the overall park is quite large. You can spend a whole day here. The animals here are super cute.
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National Park
Rachel315Guala Sherland Recreation This place is suitable for the sea, suitable for young people! In the morning, you can take a boat to watch the sunrise, the sky is beautiful! In the afternoon, you can go to the natural park, the ecological protection is very good, and you can see monkeys all over the mountain! In the evening, you can go out to sea to see fireflies and blue tears! There are a lot of mosquitos. You should bring mosquitoes to fear water.
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_We***49Bukit Melawati is a popular tourist attraction. overlooks the Strait of Malacca and has a lighthouse as well as the remains of the Kota Melawati fort.however it is also call monkey hill silvered leaf monkeys at Bukit Malawati are habituated to humans and it will touch and climb on visitors, to beg for food. do keep in mind that there are two type of monkey here . the brown one is not friendly and will also attack human .
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Race Track
E31***74Nice place for watching motoGp race, and tickets more cheap than another circuit
Nearby City
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Observation Deck
nad@89The meteorite meteor Kuala from the top level of a spectacle. Very beautiful 981.